You, the person, are perfect and whole.  You are not a thing.  You are not your house, your car, your body, your emotions or your thoughts!  These things are a part of your environment and you can change your environment.  Metapsychology is different from psychology in that psychology deals with mental diagnosis and disorders, follows the medical model, and considers the mind and brain to be the source of consciousness in human beings.  Psychology is defined by the Oxford English dictionary as "the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context."  Whereas, Metapsychology views the mind as external to consciousness, or spirit, and therefore a part of the person's environment, not the person him/herself.  Applied Metapsychology was developed for personal growth, not mental disorders, and relies on the client as the authority of their world. Although in the process of helping someone with their personal growth, many times the symptoms of some mental disorders will disappear. 

The principal developer of Metapsychology is Dr. Frank Gerbode, psychiatrist, philosopher, and author of the book "Beyond Psychology, An Introduction to Metapsychology".  He also founded the Institute for Research in Metapsychology during the 1980s that has since grown into a world wide organization called Applied Metapsychology International.  I was fortunate enough to have done my internship at the inception of the Institute for Research in Metapsychology and to have participated in their research and development of these powerful, person-centered procedures.  The Institute developed an entire "Curriculum" for personal growth called Applied Metapsychology.  The Curriculum is divided into sections, Each of these sections allows the client to proceed at a comfortable and systematic pace but can be addressed in session at any time aligning with the clients interest and need.  


STRESS REDUCTION SECTION:  Anyone who has decided to embark on the journey of self-discovery usually has concerns and issues of immediate importance.  This first section is designed to help clear away problems, issues and concerns on which the individual's attention is currently focused.  This section alone will restore a resurgence of interest in life.

HELP AND CONTROL SECTION:  This section is critical to personal growth and increases the individual's ability to give and receive help and to better control their lives and to accept control from others.

RECALL ENHANCEMENT SECTION:  Increasing the ability to recall past pleasant experiences raises awareness of perceptions and builds tolerance for looking at unpleasant experiences.

COMMUNICATION SECTION:  Emotional issues relating to communication with others are cleared in this section. It increases the ability to communicate with anyone on any subject and the ability to be comfortable with any communication between others.

RESOLUTION SECTION: When an individual tries to make problems go away instead of confronting them head on, the problem is never actually resolved. This section, which enables viewers to discover the difference between a solution and a resolution, provides the key to breaking this vicious cycle and the ability to recognize the source of problems and to resolve them.

RECONCILIATION SECTION:  This section increases the ability to forgive and be at peace.  It restores integrity and personal power that has been inhibited by guilt, justification, blame, and fear of harming others.

RESILIENCE SECTION:  Inspection of unwanted or unexpected departures from expectations in life results in freedom from upsetting changes and quick recovery from their effects. The end result of this process is an increase of resilience, when faced with upsets of life.

TRAUMATIC INCIDENT REDUCTION SECTION:  This section helps the individual that is able and willing to confront any traumatic incidents that have so strongly affected their lives.  The goal of this section is to discover and dissipate the root traumas that hold hidden influences that get triggered.  These hidden influences cause the individual to react emotionally, mentally, and physically to situations instead of having choice.  This section rids the individual of symptoms associated with the trauma, rehabilitates awareness, and creates a well and happy person.

RIGHTNESS:  One would think that a well and happy person would be the end of a one's personal growth. However, now that the individual's ability and awareness have increased they are more able to look at the "fixed ideas" that are preventing them from moving forward in areas of their life and to do new things.  

What is Applied Metapsychology?

Aerial Long
Transpersonal & Trauma Counselor
The goal of the Metapsychology Curriculum is to bring about increased awareness, personal freedom, peace, and joy.  Ultimately it is to uncover your True Self, whether one calls this goal the attainment of sanity, enlightenment, happiness, wisdom, or salvation. 
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